PHI Air Medical is proud of the dedication, integrity and work ethic of our leadership team.

  • David Motzkin, President, PHI Health, LLC
  • Paul Julander, Vice President, Ambulance Operations
  • Jeff Stanek, Vice President, Finance 
  • Maria Costella, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Graham Pierce, Director, Innovation and Global Strategy
  • Sherri Dean, Director, Ambulance Operations
  • Kurt Baden, Director, Operations 
  • Ed Sangurima, Director, Maintenance
  • Bob Mayberry, Director, National Clinical Standards
  • Joe Gallagher, Director, HSEQ
  • Kevin Ruder, Director, PHI Patient Navigation
  • Ann Evans Wall, Compliance Officer
  • Chris Hall, Program Director, Government Affairs & Industry Relations
  • Jarel Morrow, Director, IT & Cyber Security Officer
  • Michael Santon, Director, Supply Chain Management
We Are Performance