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Our role is to be the advocate for the patient and to help them navigate through the process post flight. We provide information and support to assist the patient in favorably satisfying his or her obligations. Our people and practices are the most compassionate and personal, taking into consideration the individual circumstances and personal situations of each patient we transport. We are here to understand and to help.

If you have a question about a bill or correspondence you have received from us, please call us at 1-800-421-6111.


We are here to help.


At PHI Air Medical, we are committed to supporting our patients not just during, but after the flight. We understand that the days and months following an emergency air transport can be a complicated and difficult time. So, we are here to help.

Our dedicated Patient Advocate Program, one of the most compassionate in the industry, is made up of skilled professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to help patients navigate the billing process and facilitate mutually agreeable resolutions. These individuals work closely with each family and look carefully at each case to determine the best outcomes for each patient.

We work with our patients to explore all bill resolution options, including negotiating with insurance providers, payment plans and our individualized special consideration program. This often results in a reduced bill, payment plan, or in some situations, the elimination of all charges.



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